The demand for tourism and recreational activities is at all time high thus it is imperative for club owners to satisfy every generation of the guests. The demands have evolved from basic amenities to wellness and fitness, gym and spa, diverse menus, technology, multiple recreational activities, etc. So there’s a lot that is involved in running a club profitably.
We at Rose Gold Hospitality excel in planning and managing all the operations of a club. Our club management specialists have successfully handled a multitude of club projects. We provide below services to start and running a club profitably.
Club feasibility study Market & member surveys
Capitalization and Finance Planning Employee selection, training and management, and benefits program
Cost and expenses projections Events and activities planning
ROI and revenue projections Payroll & administration
Accounting, budget and financial structures Financial & program planning
Concept, development, and construction planning Technical golf course management
Operations management Internal and external support services
Membership structure & fees Reviews of ongoing operations
Membership marketing Market studies & marketing programs