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Planning to open a hotel is the first step towards portraying your dream and this can be truly a complex and stressful time to pass on. So it’s always critical to make good planning and develop an understanding of processes involved in it.

With the past few years, the tourism industry has experienced great development in its way of service offerings for guests and establishments of new hotels and properties. We at Rosegold Hospitality recognize the changing travel trend and help our clients in providing financially reasonable, end to end hotel development solutions for long-term profitability.

We provide the best in class hotel development consultancies to individuals, branded and unbranded hotels and resorts to maximize business ROI. We offer excellent design input, development solutions, and long-term management for your dream projects. Our work commences from inception where we are whole-heartedly engage in guiding the development that influences all aspects of your project.

Our involvement starts from acquisitions of freehold buildings, new builds through to completion, renovations, re-building and re-positioning of hotels.

With many years of experience in hotel advisory services, we help and advice our clients in guiding and briefing architects, interior designers and significant consultants, and also supervise different aspects of a hotel project and those include vision, philosophy, concepts, design, space planning, layouts, financial forecast and more.


Throughout the development phase, our specialist team make a visit to the projects on a regular basis and provide regular feedback on design, development and site progress. Rosegold Hospitality always moves around maximizing the profit simply by minimizing the risk. With in-depth knowledge of the market, we continuously advise our clients through various strategic investment decisions.


We deliver excellent advisory services to hotels, resorts, and even individual authorities. We smartly provide an array of services like development consultancy, best use analysis, benchmarking and management and more to best meet the need of your specialized projects.

We take pride in choosing projects and at the same time build excellent relationships with the business owners. We participate in every aspect of the creation, philosophy and concept of a hotel.

To know more about our hotel development and management services, schedule a consultation with us.