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Property is a lifetime investment made with an aim to relish long-term benefits. The owners of the successful hotels and resorts well understand the benefits of customer satisfaction. At Rosegold Hospitality, we know your expectations from your resort business and hence we implement new and innovative strategies that help in retaining customers’ interest towards your service. We are a resort management company with result driven consulting expertise in resort development, operations and long-term management for resort projects of any sizes.

Our resort management consultants dedicatedly provide expert advice and bring results. We work on the unique qualities of each destination and bring your properties to life using a thoughtful design, programming and extra care with today’s standards. We use insights to bring your ideas into reality.

Added to all the experience in full-service resort management, Rosegold Hospitality provides excellent consulting services, including:
  • Asset Management including local compliances and ensuring local community engagement
  • Provide bi-annual market study report focussing on operational performance, future demand and supply
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Developing unique food and beverage concepts


Rosegold Hospitality has years of experience in operation and management of resorts of different type and size. Our resort management services include:


We work together with the development team to give an excellent design to the resort and associated entertainment facilities. We focus on the following aspects:
  • Major facility understandings
  • Branding endorsements
  • Thematic concepts
  • Entertainment areas
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Momentum management and profitability


  • We work with the team while managing resort opening
  • Timeline development and management
  • Check construction progress
  • Manage business plans and budgets
  • Develop and manage quality assurance programs
a. Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures for all Operational Departments. b. Development of Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct. c. Employee Records and Career Plans & Skill Development & Cross Exposures. d. Monitoring Staff Performance. e. Implementation of Departmental Training Calendars.


In addition to all the above management services, we provide post-opening supervision during the evolving phase in the business. We go for strategic hiring and training, implementation of standard procedures and quality assurance programs.

We do our best and provide resort management services with expert guidance and systematic procedures. Expert guidance and systematic procedures are also provided to the owners looking to sell their properties.

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